木村 亜津
/  Kimura Azu





AZU KIMURA is an artist based in Tokyo, Japan.  KIMURA’s work displays an interest in flora by incorporating flowers, their petals and other plant parts into her medium, with which she creates 2-dimensional work, sculpture, and site-specific installations using locally sourced materials.

After graduating from  Musashino Art University in Tokyo with the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts and Craft with a concentration in Woodwork , Kimura first worked for an Interior Design company in Kyoto, Japan, where she was in charge of the arrangement of Ikebana diplays for the store showroom.” 

This experience of working directly with flower arrangement destined for the decoration of social engagements ignited KIMURA’S interest in the philosophy and aesthetics of Ikebana.

Initially, it was simply the traditional culture of Ikebana that sparked her curiosity, and eventually the life within each plant inspired her research further to the point that later in 2016 she appropriately claimed her title of “Flower Artist” working primarily with plants and plant products. During her daily walks and hikes in the Tokyo surroundings, she records observations and discoveries of nature’s bounty, and she manifests these findings directly into her work. Upon reflection, KIMURA finds solace in the concept of “change;” the life cycle, seasonal adaptation, and realities attached to plant matter: she collects plants and gently experiments on them in various ways during her artmaking process.  Her work ethic is not only about changing the shape and natural expression of plants, but more importantly about radically changing our ways to perceive flora.

Most recently, KIMURA is researching the relationship between humans and plants, examining how we see, recognize, and react to plant life.

Exhibitions and Awards

the Salon des Beaux Arts, paris, 2018

Koganecho Artist residence, Kanagawa, 2018

scenery, buckle kobo, Tokyo, 2017

H exhibition, Fukuoka, 2017

Aosando art fair, Tokyo, 2015

Have a Herbal Harvest , rocket gallery, Tokyo 2015

GOOD DESIGN AWARD, Have a Herbal Harvest, 2015